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The Secret To Avoiding Failure

Why do people fail?

That’s the big question.

And is it possible to prevent failure altogether?

The short answer is “no.”

But we can solve it and help avoid BIG-TIME failure, by following the simple tips I outline in this chapter. (Trust me, a sure-fire way to avoid costly mistakes that eat up your time and money is to learn from someone who’s already been there & done that). So let’s start with first things first…

Why is it that people fail when they try to start a business online?

I mean, why do people fail when they can start a business from home with no overhead, with little to-no startup costs, and for a fraction of the price that that it would cost to start a franchise or a traditional business? We now have the ability to start a business with nothing but a laptop or a cellphone! We’re able to work from anywhere in the world and have an unlimited amount of earning potential! So seriously – why are so many people failing? It’s very simple. It’s the same exact reason why people fail at anything they do. Most people buy stuff, sign up for things and say they’re going to do it — and never take any action.

They buy books like this, but don’t finish them.

They feel proud of themselves for buying the book, and owning the book, but here’s the truth… (Brace yourself, hard truths are coming…)

Ideas don’t mean jack.

Buying something don’t mean jack.  Having knowledge of how to do something isn’t going to change the quality of your life if you don’t actually do them. There are graveyards full of brilliant people who died with their best ideas never implemented. With their full potential never realized. It’s sad, really. Do you remember the college dropout statistics that I mentioned in the last chapter? Well, the same thing happens with people online. Over the course of the last seven years, I’ve founded multiple companies and trained over 300,000 students and customers…

90 percent of those people never finish the training course they purchased.

Thirty percent of those people never even log in to the members area! Even still, I’ve paid out and helped many people earn over a $100 million in commissions. Now, who do you think those commissions were earned by?

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