How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Let The Pro’s Show You How To Do Affiliate Marketing.

All over the world folks are trying to make money with Affiliate Marketing and unfortunately most are failing. The reason for their failure can be summed up in three words “lack of Knowledge“. I’m not trying to be mean when I say this but the truth is they simply have no idea what they are doing. Simply put, you need someone or something to show you how to do affiliate marketing.

I’ll give you an two example’s why having the necessary knowledge makes the difference between success and failure. Let’s say that in example #1 you want to buy a car but you have never driven one before. What do you think the outcome is going to be? Or maybe you may want to be a pilot but you don’t know how to fly. Are you just going to buy an airplane and take it for a spin. Of course not.

Training Is Not An Option. It’s a requirement!

These two scenario’s requires training but believe or not this is what folks do every single day when they start an online business and expect to succeed. It just does not work that way. Starting an online business without being trained is like flying an airplane without being taught. You will crash and burn. I really hate to be this blunt but don’t take me word for it. According to many sources, more than 90 percent of all online businesses fail within the first four months. That’s NINETY PERCENT!

In example #2 I wanted to show that you are on this page because of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills that I possess. Some of this knowledge I learned on my own but the rest I was taught via an online college course. For example take a look at the title above “How To Do Affiliate Marketing!” Not the best grammar right? The training that I received has taught me that it’s not about me. It’s about what folks are typing into search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What Is My Responsibility?

My job or responsibility is to find out what phrases or keywords people are using when they search for stuff online and include them in my SEO strategy. I am also only allowed to use my focus keyword four times. More than that will be considered “keyword stuffing” by search engines and my site will penalized as a result. This is really a subject for another time so my goal is to add some SEO Training to the Rolodex on this website. SEO is really important stuff.


Don’t get me wrong . You don’t  have to know SEO to succeed online but it is Free Money so why not learn some? Not every one is comfortable with social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, etc so it may be in your best interest. Anyway, that’s all for now so think about what I’ve said and try to implement as much of this stuff as you can. In the mean time enjoy the Affiliate Marketing videos below. Also, don’t forget to grab your Free Book it will totally transform your way if thinking.

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