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Join The New Rich, Meet The New Poor

new rich meet the new poor

The training, strategies and blueprints inside this book are going to serve as the foundation of your education in your new career as an internet business owner. Your going to get world class education throughout this process from actual “doers”. People who have actually gone out there, put their money where there mouth is and gotten real results through doing.

I’m going to personally guide you through this process and teach you step-by-step what’s worked for me in the real world. Over the last seven years, I’ve gone from being a high school dropout and teenage father with a ninth grade education, to struggling with homelessness and addiction… to building a successful internet business and doing nearly $200 million in sales. That’s not to throw big numbers at you and expect you to trust me – the the important point is this: I didn’t let anything stop me from achieving success and establishing my own financial and personal freedom.

(And you shouldn’t either)…

Most people who knew me would have never expected me to get to where I am today. They told me I couldn’t. They told me I wouldn’t. They told me I was too young. Too uneducated. Too far behind the rest of the pack. Too technically challenged. Yet – I have built multiple multi-million dollar companies. I’m able to live financially free and travel the world. I’m now hired and paid handsomely to speak & train people on how to become successful. I’m able to help people, which is my passion, and gives my life purpose.

But here’s what I need you to understand:

I’m not in this position because I’m any smarter than the next guy, or because I had some kind of advantage when I got started… I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I didn’t inherit a business or luck into family wealth… I got to where I am today because I put myself in position to ride the wave of the future. The internet has changed everything. It’s the backbone of our worldwide economy. It’s also the future of our economy, because pretty soon no business will be able to survive without being online. Back in the day, the poor used to be the illiterate people who couldn’t read and write, and and often times, if you wanted to oppress people, you would stop them from reading and prevent them from gaining knowledge. In today’s day, that holds true – but it’s evolved: the new poor will be the computer and online illiterate. Let me say that again because it’s that important…

The new poor will be the computer and online illiterate.

I want you to think about 2-to-5 years from now… Think about just today, the people who don’t understand social media… who don’t understand that businesses NEED to have an online presence… people who simply don’t understand how the Internet works… businesses NEED to have an online presence… people who simply don’t understand how the Internet works…

These people are not getting hired — they’re the ones getting FIRED!

They’re the people who aren’t able to get jobs or earn a good living, because without tech skills and an understanding of the Internet, you’ve got little-to-no value to offer to the marketplace. You need to be proficient on what’s going on with digital media or you’re going to get left behind.

No business in the future is going to survive without an online presence.

Even plumbers, contractors, painters, and people who have brick-and-mortar businesses are going to fail if they’re not taking part in the conversation that’s happening online…

…and that’s because people Google EVERYTHING now.

We don’t call up our friends and ask for their help in shopping. People use Google to find who they should do business with, and then they read reviews and make a decision based on social proof. They browse social media and watch videos and…

Great stuff right? Once you start reading the “Legendary Marketer” it’s hard to put it down. Get your Free copy
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  1. Thanks for the kind comment. My goal is simply to help folks realize that it is truly possible to Fire Their Jobs if they would only believe in themselves and invest in themselves. I am always here to help as well as the folks at Legendary Marketer.

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