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Learn How Making Money Online Really Works. Part 2

Making Money Online

Making Money Online “Friends List” Part 2.

So How Does Making Money Online Really Work?

Great, so now that you’ve done a good job of providing value to the market place it’s time to build your “friends list”. No one likes dealing with strangers. So your friends list is critical to your making money online.  I would also like to offer a bit of “mental conditioning” if I may. Always try to refer to your email list as a your “friends list.

It will subconsciously cause you to take a lot better care of your list. Just think of how you deal with friends vs a complete stranger. You always want to apply this “same concept” when working your list and make no mistake about it these folks have now become your new friends. I personally like to to refer to my friends list as my “peoples”. It makes it more personal for me. Anyway, like I was saying you definitely want to take good of your “friends list” because these new friends will become your new source of income.

Like I said before in part 1. Making money online is not difficult at all but it does require work. The hardest part in my humble opinion is not finding a great product to sell. But rather cultivating “trust” with your new friend! Let’s face it. Folks are going to buy what they want when they want. The question is “Who” are they going to buy it from? That’s where the tire meets the road. Keep that in mind because it’s always that simply “trust factor” that separate those who are “successful” and those who are “not”. Trust me on this!

Final Thoughts

Before I turn you over to Coach Larry’s capable hands I would like to say that I’m always amazed when I visit YouTube and see some videos with a lot of views but absolutely no follow up. Some folks in the comment section are crying out for help with their issues. While others are are wanting to join whatever it is the presenter is promoting but there’s absolutely “no follow up” by the presenter in the comment’s.

I’m saying to myself, what a complete waste of  time and “hard work”. They go to all that trouble to offer great value to the market place and fail to cultivate a relationship with their viewer’s. Talk about “leaving money on the table”. This is a great example of what not to do. Making money online is about cultivating relationships. These folks need your knowledge, service or product and guess what if you don’t accommodate them someone else will.


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