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My name is Austin Dalmida and welcome to my little autobiography.

I started life by God’s grace in the U.S.V.I. and later moved to N.Y. as a teenager. I completed my High School Education at a Vocational / Technical School in the Bronx. After I finished High School I longed to return to aqua blue waters and white sandy beaches of the V.I. Upon my return to the V.I. I landed my first official job at a TV Appliance Store. That lasted for a few months until I took a job with the V.I. Telephone Corp (ITT).

I stayed with the Telephone Company for about tens years then decided that it was time to branch out on my own. The first company I started was called Tele Tech Inc. At Tele Tech we basically did everything that was telephone related which included payphones, pagers, office phone systems (key systems) you name it. About a year later we upgraded the company to offer more services like Digital Satellite TV and changed the name to CICO (Caribbean Industries Company). After a few years of that I decided that I needed a change so I sold the company and my beautiful wife and I moved to FL.

We presently still reside in FL and God has blessed us with three strapping teenage boys. I have started several ventures since relocating as well as working for companies like DELL and Sprint where I got into IT. There’s one thing I must say about doing business here on the mainland as opposed to the V.I. and that is it is very, very difficult. What I mean by that is in the V.I. folks (at that time) were trusting, friendly and supportive whereas in Florida I found that to be the complete opposite. On the mainland there was so much distrust and caution everywhere. Now please don’t get me wrong because I do understand where that is needed from time to time but non the less it still bothers me even to this day.

Anyway, there’s still no better place to do business than in the good ole USA. You just have to work twice as hard or maybe more. So, I would just like wrap up my little biography by saying that if You believe in Yourself, Invest in Yourself and Educate yourself you can basically accomplish any goal you set for yourself. At one point we even had major phone contracts with the Legislature Of The V.I., now that is not a small feat to accomplish but we did it through hard work and determination.

Knowing what I know now I will never go back to a brick and mortar type business unless it has “passive income” associated with it. Every business opportunity in my book moving forward has to be internet based and digital. Anything else is simply to cumbersome and burdensome. It just does not make any sense. Case and point. Here’s one of my online stores that’s 90 percent automated. It called PigglyMart. Whenever there’s a sale I simply click a few buttons and that’s it, the order is completed.

I don’t have any inventory, no warehouse, no hardware, nothing. It’s all digital, just me, my laptop & my internet connection. That’s one of the reasons I’ve associated myself with Legendary Marketer, their products are also digital and the average commission starts around $1000 and upwards. I mean it’s up to you but an investment opportunity that pays this well with an entry fee of a dollar a day in my humble opinion should be taken seriously. They also let you test drive the business to see if it’s a good fit. If it’s not you get your money back. No questions asked.

Anyway, it was nice meeting you and like Forest Gump said in the movie “Now we ain’t strangers no more” take care of yourself and I wish you the best in whatever you do!




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