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$1 a Dollar a Day Can Change Your Life Forever!

How to make money online from home

Let’s talk about how $1 dollar a day can change your life forever if invested properly. Also, let’s use the status quo in this example. Imagine that you’re able to save a dollar a day for 365 days without spending a dime. That would give you a total of $365.00 for that year correct? Now let’s extend that $1 a day to ten years. You now have a whopping $3650.00 over that ten year period. Great job, but we’re not finished yet. This is your favorite savings account so we’ll be generous and say that you earned one percent in interest every month for a year. That gives you an additional $438.00 which brings your gross total to $4088.00. Not much is it, especially when you consider that this is over a ten year period.

Now let’s defy the status quo and invest that dollar a day in Your as opposed to your favorite account. Let’s imagine that your dollar a day gives you 24 hr access to tried & proven training material as well as allows you to connect with thousands of other business associates on social media platforms like Facebook. Most importantly this $1 a day gives you access to your own dedicated coach who’s sole function is to work on your behalf to ensure your success.

What exactly is that worth to you? Also, let’s see how this all translates into dollars and cents. Try to always have a great support system behind you when attempting to make money online from home. I cannot begin to emphasize enough just how critical this is. Let me draw an example for you. Here’s what my inbox looks like most days.

Fire Your Job
How To Earn Money Online From Home

As you can see from the dates these are just a few of the leads and commissions that I have received in one day. It is extremely hard to fail when working with a company like Legendary Marketer. These folks truly do take care of 90 percent of the work. My 10 percent is simply to promote my link and educate myself. That’s it! What’s really funny is that I listen to calls where folks would ask questions like what else should I be doing? The coaches answer is always the same. Nothing, “just keep promoting your link”. They simply cannot believe that it is really this simple. But “the proof is in the pudding” so they’re loving it!

Many of these folks comes from a background where they kinda had everything themselves. So this is new to them and it takes a little getting used to but they get acclimated there’s no going back. This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to work with a company that has a great support system. It really takes a load off and allows you to focus on what really important and that’s (say it with me) “promoting your link”!

Here’s another screen shot of some of my back office stat’s. These numbers were a result of my efforts as well¬† participating in the company co-op. This also was a very simply process. All I had to do was secure my share in the co-op and get out of the way. Take a look.

Fire Your Job
How To Earn Money Online From Home

What is really exciting is that each of these leads and commissions has the potential to be turned into $1000 or $2000 commissions within 45 days. Also, the $18 dollar commissions that you see here are residual. I get those every month. Now let’s get back to the dollar a day example that we spoke about. Ok, so it cost me a dollar a day to have access to the business. So let’s imagine that I acquire 100 customers on a monthly basis for 10 years.

$18 x 100 = $1800/ month x 12 months = $21,600.00 x 10 years = $216,000.00

Now lets say that 10 % of those 100 commission upgraded  to $1000 every month:

$1000 x 10 commissions = $10,000 per month x 12 month = $120000.00 x 10 years = $1,200,000.00

Now lets also say that 2 of those 10 commissions converted to $2000 every month:

$2000 / month x 12 month = $24,000 x 10 years = $240,000.00

Total Gross Income in 10 yrs is – $1,656,000.00

Your $1 a day investment has now yielded you a return of $1,656,000.00 in a 10 year period and all you simply did was promoted your link. Now of course this is merely an example. Your personal results could be better or worse. That all depends on you. If you are coach-able and follow instructions well you should have no problem at all. Anyway, thank you for your time and I hope that this information has been helpful. Click on the link below if you would like to see how CEO & Founder of Legendary Marketing Dave Sharp went from being a high school dropout and drug addict to running a 9 Figure company.

Legendary Marketer

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