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Until now, I’ve given you the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in online marketing. I’ve shared with you the trade secrets and hidden insights that most people never figure out, and exposed the reasons why most people fail when it comes to starting an online business. What we’re going to talk about in this chapter is how you can fast-track your success by deploying our Digital Marketing System and Licensing our integrated product suite so that you can start earning with your own online business right away.

In this chapter I’m going to cover the Legendary Marketer Digital Marketing System as well as our e-learning Division of products you can learn from – and earn from – at the same time. We’ve discussed franchising in a previous chapter, which gives us a good foundation to talk about how you can get access to a proven system that gives you the leverage a franchise provides WITHOUT the costly 6- or 7-figure startup fees. Also, WITHOUT buying a ball-and-chain business, like a gas station or restaurant, that you’ll have to babysit and physically be present at 10-to-14 hours a day.

How? Through licensing.

Because at the end of the day, you really only have two choices when it comes to your online business. You can either do it all yourself, which I’m going to talk about as well so you know what to expect if you opt to go that route…


You can choose to swipe a ready-made, turnkey system, which is exactly what the Legendary Marketer Digital Marketing System is. The e-learning products that make up our integrated product suite are proven winners. Trust me, we’ve invested millions of dollars into creating and figuring out how to market these products. We’ve have had thousands of students license our products and launch their own online business with excellent success.

I’ve been running this exact business model either here at Legendary Marketer or other companies I owned for nearly a decade. And I’ve helped people – just like yourself – earn well over $100 million dollars in commissions in total. But first let’s talk about what Licensing really is. For the sake of demonstrating how it really works, let’s take Star Wars as an example.

It’s brand that’s recognized worldwide, and in fact, George Lucas recently sold the rights to Star Wars to Disney for $4 billion. But the truth is that most of the money actually came from licensing the Star Wars brand out to toy companies. If you take a look at the hard numbers, since 1977 (which is when the first Star Wars movie came out) toy licensing has brought in $12 billion alone.  While box office receipts from the first seven movies have brought in $4 billion. Now, of course, the popularity of the movies has helped drive the toys sales, no doubt about it, but when you look at the revenue generated by toy licensing versus box office receipts, it’s not even close.

So when we talk about licensing, we have to recognize that it’s always been one of the fastest ways to BOTH start and scale a business ….and it works the exact same way online.

If you read a lot of business books or watch shows, like Shark Tank, you’ll hear people talking about licensing all the time. That’s because many of the world’s biggest brands have brought in a ton of revenue and have been able to expand quickly through licensing. And And while it’s similar to franchising, it’s not quite the same thing, because with licensing you don’t have those 6- or 7-figure startup fees that you do with franchising, even though you’re still getting access to that proven system and proven brand.

So coming back to your situation, again, you really have just two options.

1. You can either create your own products or services and figure out how to market and sell them, or

2. You can license someone else’s products and market and sell them using a system that’s already in place.

If you do decide to license someone else’s products, it becomes critical that they’re proven to be successful, and based on a system that has has real leverage and real automation built into it. In my case, I’ve been able to help other people generate well over $100 million dollars with my various products, which is a pretty significant amount of money. It’s something I’m extremely proud of, and I’ve been blessed with some phenomenal affiliates who’ve licensed my products.

Together, we’ve done way more together than we could have ever done on our own.

Many years ago when I was creating training programs to teach people how to start their own online business, I noticed how many people would get stuck in the setup phase. Between websites, sales funnels, writing sales copy, making videos and creating products there was a million places to get lost. So one day…

Great stuff right? Once you start reading the “Legendary Marketer” it’s hard to put it down. Get your Free copy today and learn how to make money online from home. Or better yet get started today for as little as $1 dollar a day. Your book, Coaches and Tons of Awesome training material will be waiting for you on the inside!

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